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Our highly trained Technicians service Brisbane Metropolitan Area and
Morayfield, Caboolture, Bribie Island,
We are proficient in all the latest methods of carpet cleaning and stain removal treatment.
Our fully trained technicians will assess your home or workplace and recommend the correct cleaning method for your carpet to achieve the optimum result. We offer a variety of cleaning methods; with 'industrial' steam cleaning machines, portable hot water extraction machines and dry cleaning systems available.
Our standard carpet cleaning process includes:
All necessary furniture moved
Pre-Spray carpet with:
High quality, non-toxic, bio-degradable detergent - Neutral Ph
A variety of different treatments will apply depending on the stain type eg. red wine, grease, chewing gum, blood, food spillages, etc
An application of a heavy duty detergent may be required on heavily stained traffic areas
Application of an Odour Neutraliser & Deodoriser - Removes any existing smells caused by cooking, pets, etc and leaves a long lasting fresh scent.
Agitate, clean, rinse and extract
The Carpet Cleaners Steam Carpet Cleaning like our name suggest, uses the power of superheated steam to clean your carpets like no other product can. Using environmentally friendly chemicals and a 5 step process we renew your carpet to have it looking and feeling great.
Please note it is important to retain the original texture and appearance of the carpet for as long as possible and to ensure it is hygienic. This is achieved by keeping the total soil content including visible stains to an absolute minimum by way of steam cleaning.
Your carpets should be professionally cleaned, at least, every 12 months, in order to protect the health and hygiene of your family and maintain the aesthetics and appearance of your carpet and floor coverings.
Steam Cleaning Carpets is the most effective way of cleaning carpets. The Steam cleaning process involves applying detergent, agitation to promote soil suspension and then injecting hot water under pressure into the carpet to rinse the suspended dirt and solution to the surface which is then extracted away by a powerful vacuum, which extracts 90 – 95 percent of the moisture. Drying takes place in approximately 2 to 8 hours.
The carpet is safe to walk on immediately. The drying process can be accelerated by turning on your air conditioner, or reverse cycle heating, or by leaving your windows and doors open.
Carpet protection, water damage, wet carpet, heavy duty cleaning, flood water carpet restoration.
We leave your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh.
We guarantee our skilled technicians' attention to detail and use of top quality products will provide you with the best results possible.
The best carpet cleaning services in Brisbane Queensland Australia.

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